DIY Solar Canopy

Yes' You Can Build Your Own Solar Canopy From Ground Up With a Kit

Using our build it yourself solar canopy kit you can save thousands if you have decent DIY carpentry skills, a few skilled friends and plenty of beer.



Using Cedar parts and pieces from Pro Wood Products you can put together your own solar structure. With a large number of components, you can assemble a variety of solar structures in your back yard or attach a solar awning to your house or garage or even a solar gable over your front door, rear patio or rear sunroom.

Not sure what you want as far as a solar structure ?

  • ProWood has great quality products, I know as I have used them for decades
  • Take your time and think it through.
  • What’s it going to be, A solar canopy or maybe a solar pergola, No I think Ill make a small solar awning to start until I get the feel of this and then Ill go big time
roof pitch solar angle

DIY Solar Gable

solar canopy cedar

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