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Our mission at  Suncommon Solar is to make clean, renewable solar energy simple and affordable. We offer options through home solar, community solar, solar heating and cooling, and battery storage — all at no upfront cost. It is easy to take the first step towards a brighter future with SunCommon.

Solar Canopy — a new way to go solar

Each Solar home is unique.

We aim to match the right solar solution to your home and property, and the Solar Canopy is our latest innovation.  Now, you can go solar over your driveway, your patio, your woodpile, or create a whole new functional, outdoor space.

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Solar Canopy advantages:

  • A beautiful timber-frame structure supports the solar roof, wide enough to park two cars beneath!
  • The Solar Canopy produces enough clean energy to power and heat the average home. It comes in two sizes to meet additional demand such as an Electric Vehicle. Plus, we can install Electric Vehicle Chargers on request.
  • Thanks to bi-facial solar panels, the Solar Canopy is designed to take advantage of winter. When the Canopy’s top is covered with snow, the underside of the glass panels will produce power from sunlight reflected off the snow-covered ground. Bi-facial panels make the canopy our most productive system per square foot.
  • As always, there’s no upfront cost and low interest financing.
  • Ask about our Commercial Solar Canopy for larger versions.
Canopy Solar

SunCommons Solar Pavillions make use of outdoor space and add to aesthetics of your property.

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SpringPower Renewal: Energize Your Adventures with Renogy Power Supply!  Up To 35% Off!!

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