Wearable Solar Fabric Battery can be recharged by Sunlight

Wearable E-Textile battery can be recharged by sunlight

(Nanowerk Spotlight) Going hand in hand with the development of wearable electronic e textiles, researchers are also pushing the development of wearable and flexible battery energy storage to power those e-textiles. For instance, as we reported in a previous Nanowerk Spotlight (“Nanotechnology T-Shirt to replace batteries? Towards wearable energy storage”), scientists demonstrated that flexible cotton threads can be used as a platform to fabricate a cable-type supercapacitor. In another recent Spotlight we described the concept of foldable Li-ion batteries.
Going one step further, a research team in Korea has now developed wearable e textile batteries that can be integrated with flexible solar fabric cells and thus be recharged by solar energy.
Reporting their work in the October 28, 2013 online edition of Nano Letters (“Wearable E Textile Battery Rechargeable by Solar Energy”), the team demonstrates a fully functional wearable E -textile battery by finding unconventional materials for all of the key battery components and integrating them systemically: Nickel-coated polyester yarn as a current collector for efficient stress release, polyurethane binder for strong adhesion of active materials, and polyurethane separator with superior mechanical, electrochemical, and thermal properties.

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