Electric Snowmobile with Impressive Specs just Launched By Taiga Motors

Electric Snowmobile by Taiga Motors

Taiga Motors is one of the rare companies working to bring to market an all-electric snowmobile, which is actually a segment of transportation that desperately needs cleaner solutions.

The startup is unveiling today its new lineup of electric snowmobiles with some impressive specs.

With little to no standards and many two-stroke engines, current gas-powered snowmobiles are generally incredibly polluting – sometimes 50 times more polluting than an average car. People operate the machines to experience the great outdoors and it’s a shame to have to pollute your environment to do it.

An electric snowmobile would result in a zero-emission riding experience and it would also greatly reduce the noise pollution on snow trails since gas-powered snowmobiles are extremely loud.

That’s part of the reason why Taiga Motors set out to make the first production electric snowmobile. The company spun out of McGill’s racing team where the three co-founders, Paul Achard, Gabriel Bernatchez, and Sam Bruneau, worked on electric powertrains during their engineering studies at the university back in 2015.

Last year, the Montreal-based startup invited us to Mont-Tremblant to test out their TS2 prototype and we came out of the experience fairly impressed despite some issues with the prototype at the time.

More than a year later, they refined their product and today, they are launching their lineup of the electric snowmobile to go into production next year.

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