Solar Powered Tent and The Great Outdoors

Solar Tents and The Great Outdoors

Solar Tents and Gear design

This Solar Tent by Kaleidoscope Innovation leveraged knowledge from the consumer goods and emerging solar technology markets to create the innovative Orange Solar Tent product design concept with Solar Tents and the Great Outdoors as worthy causes.

This Conceptual Solar Tent Design is the best so far in it overall aesthetic value creating a widely viewed idealist approach to one of many future concepts of how solar power will  be utilized in the camping industry .

To develop and enhance the solar tent concept, Kaleidoscope Innovations conducted thorough research into emerging solar energy and textiles technologies. This research allowed Kaleidoscope to showcase Orange Mobile’s enormous potential as a future innovator in the burgeoning field of creative solar energy solutions.


ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, Dec. 8, 2010) — The U.S. Army is evaluating a host of flexible, portable, lightweight solar-powered shade structures  and solar tent technologies.

  • Current technology only allows an exterioor application of flexible solar panlels onto a canvass substrate for use as a solar tent yet future energy applications will exhibit applications of solar textiles integrated into fabrics which will then be manufactured into solar tents , awnings, carports and other energy saving structures. 

Solar Tents For Medical Emergency Response Teams

  • Future Solar Tents will be lighter , stronger and smarter .
  • With more nano technology being developed not only will solar tents be able to generate solar power they will also be smart tents, able to-
  • Regulate the interior temperatures –
  • Strengthen the exterior fabric as winds increase –
  • Change color to enable the tent to absorb more solar radiation to help heat the interior or change the material itself from an solar absorbing substrate to a reflective surface to create a light reflecting exterior to help cool the solar tents interior . 

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