Tacita unveils 2020 cruiser electric motorcycle with manual gearbox for EU/US

Tacita unveils 2020 cruiser electric motorcycle

Tacita’s T-Cruise Urban electric motorcycle is one of the few electric cruiser motorcycles on the horizon right now. And the company has just released its 2020 update to the T-Cruise Urban, as well as its pricing structure.

Turin, Italy-based Tacita is perhaps better known for its line of off-road racing electric motorcycles.

But the company expanded its lineup when it revealed the new T-Cruise Urban electric motorcycle. The bike maintains an old-school cruiser geometry with a modern twist — a completely electric drivetrain. But in keeping with that old school theme, the T-Cruise Urban also has another throwback: a manual gearbox.

Now Tacita is showing off the 2020 T-Cruise Urban ahead of beginning sales in the US and Europe.

tacita electric bike

2020 Tacita T-Cruise Urban electric motorcycle

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The 2020 T-Cruise Urban will be offered with four different power options using Tacita’s 2nd generation liquid cooled powertrain: 11 kW (hp), 27 kW (hp), 34 kW (hp) and 44 kW (hp). There are also two different battery sizes: 9 kWh and 18 kWh. Each battery is available with each motor combination, except for the most powerful 44 kW model, which can only be purchased with the 18 kWh model. With higher power motors, a larger capacity battery is generally required to distribute the power draw across more battery cells.

Tacita rates the mixed range of the 9 kWh battery pack at 112 km (70 miles) and the 18 kWh pack at 220 km (137 miles).

With each jump in motor power and battery capacity, expect a corresponding jump in price. MSRP starts at €11.965 (US $13,100) and increases up to €19.252 (US $21,000) for the fully loaded version.


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