Solbian Flexible Solar Panels

Solbian High Power Flexible Solar Panels for boats, yachts, marine applications,

Solbian Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

  • Lightest weight and thinnest panels
  • Highest output per square foot
  • Versatile installation options
  • Optimal for canvas bimini/ dodger installations on boats and yachts
  • Huge variety of sizes and shapes with custom options available
  • Use only the highest grade SunPower cells for every SP panel


As solar technology advances, Solbian is staying on the cutting edge with a constantly developing product line of semi-flexible solar panels featuring high-output and lightweight solar solutions. Solbian semi-flexible solar panels replace heavy, hard glass solar panels that can be cumbersome, hard to install, and even sometimes unsafe in marine applications.  Solbian panels are semi-flexible and may be mounted on curved surfaces, weighing in at just a fraction of traditional glass panels.  Their technology makes them particularly applicable for canvas bimini & dodger installations on boats and yachts and their construction is resistant to the harshness of the marine environment.

The Solbian ISP Series of Semi-flexible Solar Panels

The newest Solbian product is out!  Thanks to the top efficiency of SunPower™ cells and to the breakthrough technology offered by ILOOXS, the new Solbian series offers the same quality of the SP series with a completely new and customizabile look. These panels are readily available in two standard versions: TEAK and CANVAS.  Check out Solbian’s website for more info on the size panels available. Price for all ISP panels is $20/Watt.