What Are Solar Carports and How Much Do They Cost ?

Is a Solar Carport Worth The Investment ?


  • As a freestanding structure used to recharge your electric vehicle there are many advantages that overcome the initial- “Cost Shock”
  • One is the “Off Grid” location of being separate from your main residency ,A storm ,fire, landslide or other natural disaster temporarily knocks out or utterly destroys your main habitation and you are left powerless in your humble abode but then you remember ” Wer’e Off Grid ” -and have other sustenance – We are free and will survive another day .
  • This of course means that your Solar Carport has to be built with an external energy storage but thats not a bad thing .Your main house is hooked to the grid and has no power back up which now does not matter even a bit as you can now live in your Tesla until you find a new place .
  • Redundency, back up your back ups ! Your Solar Carport Has survived the onslaught of nature but you have a secondary power source and a frig full of beer,Two bean and cheese burritos and a bag of chips . All is well for now ..


  • The Costs of Your Solar Carport? 
  • Do you have the money to spend ?
  • You have a nice shiny new Tesla you need to recharge and show off to the ” Neighbors” .
  • Can they even “SEE ‘ your shiny new car from the street ?If so do you care ? Is this a show car ? A vainity statement or do you really just want a electric vehicle and a means to charge it ? 
  • Then decide on the physical placement of the carport but do it according to its orientation with the sun, it would be quite the shame to buy your Tesla ,Build Your nice pretty new Solar Carport to put your nice pretty new car in and then to have a “Neighbor” ask – Bob , Whats up with your car ? I havent seen you take it out in quite some time , A death in the family he asks.
  • You faintly mutter ‘Won’t charge ‘ – Neighbor says ‘ Excuse me ? You mutter again , Won’t charge . But why not he asks ? and you mutter once again – “Built the carport in wrong place and sun only hits it an hour or two a day so not enough to charge my nice shiny new Tesla wall and I lost my job so can’t afford to wall charge it after payments , insurance and all.
  • But can’t you go down the road and charge at the station ? Well yes but not quite sure if I made my Insurance payment on my nice shiny new Tesla and nice shiny new Tesla Wall and I may have missed my mortgage payment anyways so I might as well get out the chainsaw and chop this whole damn thing down .
  • Sorry To hear That Dude , Oh Well Have a nice Day ! 
  • Please go To our Solar Canopy Page for more valuable information on building your Solar Carport.
  • Here you will learn how to check Azimuth and Zenith
  • Find Valuable Apps Needed to build your Solar Structure
  • Calculate Roof Loads
  • Calculate Roof area
  • Calculate Roof Pitch
  • Learn about local Variance and Building Codes
  • Deal with Those Damned HOA

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